Can Dogs Get Pimples?

Can Dogs Get Pimples?

Ever wonder if dogs can get the same skin issues as humans?  Specifically, skin issues like acne and pimples. Can dogs get pimples?  Yes, dogs can have canine acne that may show up as whiteheads, blackheads, or enclosed pimples. However, there are differences in how it is diagnosed and treated for canines. In this article, …

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Can dogs eat pepper?

Can Dogs Eat Pepper?

Two favorite seasonings found on many kitchen counters and tables: salt and pepper. They add flavor and spice to many dishes, whether it is grilled meat or roasted vegetables.  Dog owners often like to share nibbles of their meals with their dogs.  It is important to know, can dogs eat pepper? Dogs can eat many …

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Can Dogs Eat Cabbage?

Can Dogs Eat Cabbage?

People love cabbage for its unique flavor and nutrient density. Dogs also like the taste of this leafy cruciferous vegetable.  Can dogs eat cabbage?  Yes, cabbage is safe for dogs to eat in moderation.  As with humans, too much of this nutritious vegetable could result in unwanted gas. There are more then 400 varieties of …

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Can Dogs Eat Pecans?

Pecans are a popular tree nut that grow in North America. What makes a nutritious little snack for humans, could be harmful to our pets. Can Dogs Eat Pecans?  Dogs should not eat pecans, as they contain a harmful compound and have potential for mold that is toxic to dogs. This little nut grows with a …

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