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The Best Tennis Balls for Dogs

Most dogs love to play with balls, and tennis balls are a common choice for dog parents. For medium and large dogs, they can be the perfect size and are bouncy, so that it increases the fun and the challenge of playing fetch.

However, because they were not created specifically for dogs, traditional tennis balls can be a hazard for your furry bestie.

The yellow fuzz on a tennis ball is actually quite abrasive to your dog’s teeth and the rubber and string have been known to cause intestinal blockage if the ball falls apart or is chewed on by an aggressive chewer.

Also, since they come in one size, the incorrect ball size for your dog can be a choking hazard as a too small ball call get lodged in the airway of a large dog.

So to keep your dog safe, let’s look at some of the best tennis balls for dogs and some alternatives.

Best Tennis Balls for Dogs

1. Chuck It! Ultra Ball

First on our list of the best tennis balls for dogs, is the Chuck It! Ultra ball. It doesn’t have any of the abrasive fuzz that a traditional ball has. Also, it is made of a durable, heavy duty rubber that can stand up to most aggressive chewers.

With its lightweight, buoyant design, you can use this ball for playing with your dog lakeside or in the pool. Additionally, for added fun, you can use this ball with the Chuck it! Ball launcher.

Also, Chuck It! offers four different sizes of balls, so you can choose one based on the size of your dog.

To choose from, you have:

  • Small- 2 inches wide and for use with the sport launcher
  • Medium – 2.5 inches wide and for use with the Classic, Pro and Sport style launchers
  • Large- 3.0 inches wide and for use with the Pro and Sport style launchers
  • Extra large- 3.5 inches wide and for use with the Pro launcher
  • 2xl – 4.0 inches (no specifications for exact launcher). Presumably it can be used with the Pro launcher

What we like:

  • Durable rubber
  • It has a 5-star rating from almost 95,000 reviews.
  • Soft, buoyant and lightweight

What we do not like:

  • Can break with an aggressive chewer
  • Solid Blue balls seems to be more durable than the blue and orange ball
  • Not as bouncy as we would like

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2. Hyper Pet Tennis Balls for Dogs:

These are the perfect tennis balls for your dog. Made of high quality and non-toxic rubber and it doesn’t have gasses or harmful coating over it.

This is one of the best tennis balls for dogs on the market. You will always play comfortably with your pooch and these balls do not drown in the water, so your puppy will easily catch it.

The pack contains 2.5 inches two balls, and this is perfect for 25Lbs pups or over. Your pup can play with these for their entire life stages and have the best fun.

Hyper Pet provides interactive and unique toys for your furry friends, and they are very durable. You can encourage your dog to exercise with the tennis balls, play fetch, and retrieve all day.

Hyper Pet Tennis balls, offers two sizes of balls, 2.5 inches and 1.75 inches. These are good for small dogs, but not compatible for larger pooches.

This is because larger dogs can easily swallow the ball, and it can create a choking hazard. Therefore, you need to choose the best tennis balls for dogs, so you can have a safe playtime with your pup.

What we like:

  • Your dog will love the durability of the balls
  • Has no harmful gasses or coating on the balls
  • It’s softer than normal tennis balls.

What we do not like:

  • It can be destroyed easily
  • Not for pool use. It will absorb water
  • Not appropriate for big dogs

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3. Chuck It! Tennis Ball:

If you have used Chuck It! Ultra ball, then you must opt for the tennis balls too. This is one of the Best Tennis Balls for Dogs and is safer than a regular tennis ball.

It’s made of non-abrasive felt and natural rubber. These play balls are gentler on your pooch’s mouth and protect their gum and teeth.

Your dog can chew on it for hours and it will not break, also your pup can easily spot the balls because of their orange color.

The balls are three inches in size and are perfect for outdoor fun. You can also get other sizes like, small, medium, large and extra large.

Make sure to choose the right size for your pooch, otherwise there can be a choking accident. If you have a big dog, choose the large to extra large option, your dog can easily play with it and there will be no danger of swallowing it.

Therefore, Chuck It! Tennis balls are one of the Best Tennis Balls for Dogs because they have a high bouncing rate.

The balls are not heavy, so they will just float on water and it will be easier for your dog to retrieve them. Covered in soft and durable felt and it’s very comfortable for your dog to carry around in his mouth.

Best Tennis Balls for Dogs
Photo by Julissa Helmuth on Pixabay

What we like:

  • These tennis balls are durable
  • It will fly a long distance
  • Good for the sensitive jaws of your puppy.

What we do not like:

  • The seam will split with a little pressure
  • The quality isn’t that good
  • It doesn’t bounce that high.

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Are tennis balls OK for dogs?

best tennis balls for dogs come in multipacks, and they are affordable. It’s a tempting option for your dog. But are these fine for your dog? Let’s know more about it below.

Choking hazard: Dogs have super strong jaws, which can compress the tennis balls and can create a choking hazard. The best tennis balls for dogs can split apart at the back of your pooch’s throat, and block the airway.

If you fail to identify the choking symptoms of your dog immediately, the situation can be fatal.

Also, your pup can chew on the ball, and the rubber pieces can get stuck in his throat, at the back of his teeth or it can get tangled with the intestines.

This can create a hazard, and your dog might have to get surgery. To keep your dog safe you need to make sure to buy the right sized tennis balls. If the ball is too small they will choke on it and it can result in death.

Enamel abrasion: You might have no idea but the neon yellow felt of the tennis balls can feel like sandpaper on your dog’s mouth. The abrasive effect can damage your puppy’s teeth.

Puppies like to chew on the balls, and this can create severe damage to their teeth. You need to find balls that will not affect the health of your dog.

Unknown materials: The best tennis balls for dogs are gathered in larger quantities in factories around the entire world. You will hardly find any standard material in the production of tennis balls, and you must know that the ingredients are not food-grade material.

These balls are made mainly to play tennis, and they are cheap to make a fun game. Therefore, undoubtedly, the best tennis balls for dogs have different types of chemicals, and many are concerned about having led on the felt of the balls.

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Is there a difference between dog tennis balls and regular tennis balls?

Tennis balls for dogs aren’t just available in various colors, these products have a flavor of bacon, and it squeaks. These balls are different from the regular tennis balls. Even though they look alike, but are structured with different purposes and users in mind.

If you put a little bit of thought into it, you will understand that normal tennis balls tend to be harder, and they are made to have the right bouncy effects on the tennis ground. These products are not manufactured for your pooch so they can chase it around on the lawn, chew on it or fetch it from the pool.

The felt of the best tennis balls for dogs is mainly made for dogs in mind. Whereas, the regular tennis balls are more abrasive and are perfect for the game only.

If you give your puppy a regular tennis ball they will chew on it and it will damage their teeth faster. Especially, when the ball gets covered with grime and dirt, it will get stuck to your dog’s teeth.

Also, the ball is made of two pieces of rubber material, thus it will fall apart easily, and this can cause a choking hazard to your furry bestie.

The best tennis balls for dogs, aren’t made of abrasive material and have a thicker felt than the normal rubber. It will be harder to fall apart, even if your dog chews on it the entire day.

Best Tennis Balls
Photo by Julissa Helmuth on Pixabay

Do tennis balls damage dogs teeth?

One of the most important and common concerns about dogs is that playing with tennis balls will damage their teeth?

According to a dental safety report about dogs stated that regular tennis balls can damage your pooch’s teeth. You can avoid such occurrences by giving them the balls that are meant for dogs only.

If you give your pup a regular tennis ball, and they keep chewing on them it will create wear on their teeth. You need to find the best tennis balls for dogs that are non-abrasive and have a non-toxic exterior.

If your furry friend always has a toy in her mouth and if it’s covered with soil or sand you may want to give them a toy that has a solid surface. This will be best for your dog as he or she will not swallow the dirt while playing, and they will not ingest the shredded rubber of the tennis ball either.

As you love your puppy, you need to take care of his health. So, you need to buy him the perfect tennis ball for dogs.

Even if you have dozens of tennis balls laying around the house, make sure to remove them from his sight and replace it with a dog-only ball.

Also, you have to be extra careful about choosing the size of the balls. If the ball is too small, it can create a choking accident, which can be fatal.

The Bottom Line:

Make your dog happy with the three best tennis balls for dogs, and they will adore you more. Make sure to buy the right sizes to avoid choking hazards.

If your dog is big, you need to choose a ball that fits his mouth. Also, the same rule goes for a small dog. You also need to buy the balls only after looking at the pros and cons of them and buy only from a reputed seller.

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