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A Review Of The Top 5 Best Tactical Dog Harnesses

Walking your dog can often be a time when you wish you had an extra hand or two, juggling the leash, a cell phone, and poop bags is difficult enough. This is especially true if you have a pup that can be rambunctious at the sight of a squirrel.

This is why a tactical dog harness is a great investment for any dog owner.

A tactical dog harness allows your dog to carry some of the load itself, freeing you up for more important things and taking some weight off your shoulders, literally!

Below, we will take a look at some of the best tactical dog harnesses available on the market along with answering some of the most frequently asked questions dog owners have about them.

The 5 Best Tactical Dog Harnesses

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Auroth Tactical Dog Training Harness

Auroth Tactical Dog Harness for Large Dogs No Pull Adjustable Pet Harness Reflective K9 Working Training Easy Control Pet Vest Military Service Dog Harnesses Black L

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This tactical dog harness is a good option for those that are looking for a good training harness. This is because it has a variety of features designed with you and your pup’s safety and comfort in mind. Keep in mind that it varies slightly from a good hiking harness.

For example, the harness has a front leash attachment that will keep your doggo from pulling or straining against the harness and possibly injuring itself.

In addition, this is one of our picks for the best tactical dog harnesses thanks to the wide range of sizes and colors that it comes in. The Auroth option has four distinct sizes (with measurements taken at the neck and chest) to ensure a snug and safe fit for your pup.

With over 12 different colors available, and options including purple camouflage or black ink, you are bound to find an option that suits you and your dog.

Another reason why this is one of the best tactical dog harnesses is because of its sturdy construction. The harness has multiple adjustable straps to ensure the proper fit and clips that will keep even the most capable harness escape artist contained.

What we like:

  • Many different color options available to ensure your puppy always looks stylish.
  • Extended pads on straps will protect your dog’s sensitive areas and keep them from hurting themselves in motion.
  • Inside features soft mesh padding that will help keep your puppy cool and comfortable.

What we do not like:

  • While there are a variety of colors, some customers have complained that the photos are not the same color as what they have received.
  • The sizing chart may not be accurate for your dog, when in doubt, order down a size.
  • Might not be compatible with all companion products, such as the MOLLE carrying pouch’s anchoring system.

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ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness ,Large Size, 2X Metal Buckle,Working Dog MOLLE Vest with Handle,No Pulling Front Leash Clip,Hook and Loop Panel

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This harness from ICEFANG is another good choice among our list of best tactical dog harnesses and is suitable for a variety of purposes.

Besides being a good tactical harness in its own right, this is also another good option for those looking to train their dog for walking with helpful features like a back handle loop and no-pull front clip for leash attachment.

This harness comes in four different sizes, ranging from S-XL. Measurements should be taken around your puppy’s neck and chest area to help ensure a proper fit.

While this version doesn’t have as many color options as some of the others on our best tactical dog harnesses list, it does come in six unique colors including safety orange, red, range green, and coyote brown.

Lastly, this is a great option for dog owners that want a durable and reliable harness option for their active pups. This is largely thanks to double stitching and modular construction that is used throughout.

While you should never leave your dog unattended while wearing it, you needn’t worry about them breaking out and free due to shoddy construction.

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What we like:

  • Multiple loops and straps with additional compatibility with MOLLE or PALS equipment systems built-in
  • Available area to attach patches to the harness so you can easily identify your dog in a crowd.
  • An especially good harness for large dog breeds with irregular chest sizes such as Dobermans.

What we do not like:

  • As with any of the best tactical dog harnesses on this list, it requires a periodic inspection to prevent failure due to prolonged use.
  • Not to be used as a tie-up harness, as dogs that are left unattended may eventually figure a way out of it.
  • The harness can be stiff and bulky in the neck and shoulder area.

Rabittgoo Tactical Dog Harness

rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness for Large Dogs, Military Dog Harness with Handle, No-Pull Service Dog Vest with Molle & Loop Panels, Adjustable Dog Vest Harness for Training Hunting Walking, Green, L

$40.99  in stock
as of 5:55 pm

Rabittgoo’s harness was another easy pick for our list of best tactical dog harnesses, thanks in large part to its sturdy and lightweight construction.

The harness is fitted by taking measurements at three different areas on your dog’s body, its chest, neck, and stomach. It comes in three different sizes and four different colors are available.

But what really sets this harness apart from others on the best tactical dog harnesses list is the quality materials it is made with. Everything is lightweight and breathable, with top-notch 1050D nylon used throughout. The stitching is reinforced to stand up to normal wear and tear and the mesh inside will help keep your pup cool during strenuous activity.

What we like:

  • Practical and functional design means there is plenty of space for your dog to carry items such as water bottles, pouches, or flashlights.
  • Metal clips ensure your dog stays secure as they have been tested to withstand large amounts of force.
  • A breeze to put on and take off your dog with four quick-release buttons.

What we do not like:

  • Color options may leave something to be desired as they are limited to military shades of gray, green, black, and tan.
  • Sizing can be difficult for some dogs as the straps are short and not easily adjustable.
  • Buckles under the belly have caused scratching and discomfort as some dogs lie down.

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OneTigris Dog Harness

OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness - Fire Watcher Comfortable Patrol Vest (Coyote Brown, Large)

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This harness from OneTigris makes the cut as one of our best tactical dog harnesses thanks to its easily adjustable nature that ensure the proper fit on your dog and minimal sliding during use.

This is important if you find sizing your dog in other harnesses is difficult, or that once your dog starts to move their harness slips around on their body.

This offering from OneTigris comes in four sizes ranging from small to x-large and is available in four understated colors, gray, black, green, and brown. There are four easy release buckles to make getting the harness on and off simple.

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Perhaps more than any other harness on this list of best tactical dog harnesses, however, the quality of the materials used is readily apparent. From 1000 nylon used throughout the harness to UTX buckles and metal D rings used at the point of attachment, everything is of the highest quality.

This is a harness you can count on during rough and tumble activities such as hikes.

What we like:

  • Two points of attachment (stainless steel D rings) for your dog’s leash, one on the chest and one under the grab handle.
  • A full 9-inches of loop panel are available to attach tactical gear with ease and an additional 3.5-inch panel is located in the neck area.
  • OneTigris stands by its product and offers a satisfaction guarantee that is backed up by a one-year warranty.

What we do not like:

  • The black harness may be too hot for long-haired dog breeds, as the snug fit may prove a little too warm for such dogs in the summer.
  • The harness may be a little short on the back for larger dogs such as German Shepards.
  • Some customers have complained that stitching around the D rings could be improved for added security.

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ICEFANG Metal Buckle Tactical Dog Harness

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness with 4X Metal Buckle,Dog MOLLE Vest with Handle,No Pulling Front Clip ,Hook and Loop Panel for Dog Custom Patch (L (28"-35" Girth), Coyote Brown)

 out of stock
as of 5:55 pm

The last harness featured on our list of best tactical dog harnesses is another product from ICEFANG. The most obvious differentiator between this harness and the one above is the number of metal clasps it has, this version has four metal buckles while the previous harness only has two.

If you are looking for more stark differences between the two you will be hard-pressed to identify them.

 In general, this harness is built for larger dogs than its sibling product. It comes in four sizes ranging from M to XXL and is available in many of the same six colors as the ICEFANG harness above, including red, range green, gray, black, OD, and coyote brown.

However, there is no safety orange available, which is a shame as that was one of the smarter-looking colors available on the smaller version of this harness.

If your dog has been able to destroy or subvert the plastic buckles on other harnesses, the metal buckles on this harness may be ideal. Your dog won’t be able to easily chew through them or unclip the buckles, though the straps they rely on are still a potential point of weakness.

What we like:

  • The expanded size range makes this a quality choice for even the largest of dog breeds.
  • Metal buckles are tested to withstand up to 1000 lbs of force.
  • While it may take some adjustments to get a proper fit, many dog owners report that the harness is comfortable and fits their furry friend well.

What we do not like:

  • Like all of the products on our best tactical dog harnesses list, this harness is not recommended for use unsupervised or to have your puppy tied out to.
  • This harness may take your pup some time getting used to as it is a much fuller and more robust harness than is typically worn when out and about.
  • Quality comes at a price, as this is the most expensive harness on our list of best tactical dog harnesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’ve looked at some of the best tactical dog harnesses available on Amazon, it is time to answer some frequently asked questions puppy parents have about this particular style of dog harness.

What is the purpose of a tactical dog harness?

The best tactical dog harnesses are designed with active or working dogs in mind. While such a harness is perfectly fine for everyday use, it is typically built to withstand more vigorous activity while also providing additional carrying capabilities for extended walks, hikes, or runs.

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What dog vest does the military use?

While the military and police use a variety of different vests depending on their and the dog’s specific needs, they typically are made of much higher quality materials than a civilian would require. For example, many such vests have ballistics-grade level materials used throughout their construction to protect a dog’s vital organs from shrapnel or gunfire. Such vests can easily cost $850 or more.

However, don’t feel bad if you can’t get such a vest for your own dog, as this is a highly specialized piece of equipment that would be complete overkill for any dog that isn’t specially trained for dangerous jobs such as bomb removal. In general, a harness available from our list of best tactical dog harnesses will be more than capable for most dogs and their owner’s purposes.

Where should a harness sit on a dog?

Sizing a harness correctly is an important, yet often confusing step, that most dog owners struggle with. To make things harder there are also different ways to size different styles of harnesses.

According to the American Kennel Club, a standard harness should fit so that both of your dog’s front legs fit through their loops comfortably, make adjustments if this isn’t so. You can ensure that the harness fits your dog correctly by buckling it up and checking all around each snap to see if two fingers fit comfortably between the harness and your dog.

Most of the versions on our best tactical dog harnesses list also have an option for attaching the lead via a front clip to discourage pulling. To ensure a proper fit when using this style of harness you should place the harness so that its ring fits squarely on your dog’s chest and the harness lays flush on their shoulders. Fasten the stomach strap tightly, while making sure that it still has a comfortable two-finger amount of give. Lastly, make sure that the harness can’t be easily pulled off of your dog’s head, as this would defeat the purpose and expose your dog to the risks of being free and unleashed.

The Bottom Line

This concludes our look at the best tactical dog harnesses available on the market today. We hope you’ve learned something new and are inspired to try one out with your own furry friend. They are a truly versatile piece of equipment that can bring a lot of joy to both dog and owner when properly used.

If you think we missed something on our list of best tactical dog harnesses or you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. And as always, thank you for reading and for the care and love you show your dog!

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