A Review Of The Top 5 Best Salmon Oils for Dogs

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Salmon fish oil is a great supplement for our canine friends. It proffers a host of health benefits for their holistic growth and development.

But this is possible only when the fish oil is rightly sourced, processed by a responsible firm, and administered to your doggo at the right proportion.

As canines age, they become prone to developing problems with their hips and joints. A salmon oil supplement, can delay the aging process of your canine companion to a great extent.

So we have hand-picked some of the best salmon oils for dogs that would bring a host of positive changes while deterring development-based health problems in your four-legged friends.

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 Zesty Paws Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats

Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats - Supports Joint Function, Immune & Heart Health - Omega 3 Liquid Food Supplement for Pets - Natural EPA + DHA Fatty Acids for Skin & Coat

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As a paw-rent, you understand that it’s the mealtime that excites your doggo the most. You must have left no stone unturned for providing them a reason to drool.

First on our list as one of the best salmon oils for dogs, the Zesty Paws Pure Salmon oil is produced from naturally bred Alaskan salmon. This delicious liquid supplement is overloaded with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

These acids have been know to help in improving a dog’s coat, immune system, the function of their joints, and even cardiac health. What’s more, this is a delicious and impactful way of giving your pooch extra nutrition for a completely balanced diet.

Perhaps the best thing about one of the best salmon oils for dogs supplement is its mouth-watering taste. Now you may think that who on earth proclaimed about the taste of dog food?

Well, the makers of of some of the best salmon oils for dogs have a dedicated team of four-legged testers who tastes every product and tell whether they really like the taste.

As a dog parent, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pups are getting the nutrition they deserve in a sumptuous taste. Not just what humans thought might taste good.

The no-mess design of the bottle lets you pump and pour their favorite food in recommended proportion and you are great to go. If you want, you can also mix this oil with any meal for your cat or dog.

It goes without saying that the liquid consistency of the supplement is a great alternative to chewable, raw, and soft treats. All you have to do is to boot and pump the supplement in desired quantity.

What we like

  • Helps to keep up the moisture balance
  • Suitable for both dry and liquid food
  • No artificial flavors or additives

What we do not like

  • Instructions on the bottle are too small to read
  • You may have to refrigerate it depending on weather conditions

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Vital Pet Life Store Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats

Photo: Chewy.com

Second on our list for the best salmon oil for dogs, is one for skin sensitivity.
Is your dog suffering from dryness and itchy skin? Do you see skin flakes, bare patches on their fur or even sores from scratching? Are they shedding a lot? The oil Vital Pet Store, is of one the best salmon oil for dogs with itchy skin.

The essential Omega fatty acids together with the natural ingredients work as a natural defense against skin allergies and weak immune systems.

With regular use, you can notice your pooch playing around and actively enjoying through the day rather than constantly itching. This, as one of the best salmon oils for dogs is also hailed for supporting bone and heart health.

The oil comes in bottles with both a flip cap and a pump for easy pouring.

If your dog likes the taste of the oil, you may administer the oil directly to them or mix it with their favorite meal if they are pickier.

The responsibility of a prudent health supplement manufacturer doesn’t end with producing toxin-free all natural dietary supplements. The Vital Pet Life Store Salmon Oil is MSC certified which is an international non-profit concern working towards the aim of ending overfishing.

This distinction is only given to wild seafood supplements from those fisheries that keep up to the MSC Fisheries Standard. Thus, if you see this small label with blue fish on seafood, you can have peace of mind that one of the best salmon oils for dogs is procured from wild and sustainable sources.

What we like

  • Pure Product without any toxins
  • Certified by the Marine Stewardship Council
  • Supports your pooch’s healthy immune system

What we do not like

  • Needs to be refrigerated in certain weather conditions

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Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Supplement for Dogs

Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Supplement for Dogs - with Omega 3 Wild Alaskan Salmon Fish Oil & EpiCor + Multi Collagen Soft Chews for Dogs for Hip, Joint & Cartilage Support

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Next on our list of the best salmon oil for dogs is for when seasonal allergies and skin sensitivity are taking a toll on your dog’s health and comfort. The Zesty Paws Aller-Immune chewable are very effective functional supplements that can give your furry friend the best support and relief they deserve.

This supplement contains wild Alaskan Salmon fish oil that’s loaded with Omega 3-fatty acids. Moreover, there are other effective ingredients like apple cider vinegar, astragalus root, probiotics like lactobacillus and colostrum.

Each of these premium items works together for improving your pooch’s gut health, immune system, skin issues and also regulate their histamine levels.

However, apart from these health benefits, another crucial reason why your doggo would love this supplement is its canine approve flavor.

If your dog has a sensitive stomach, start off with half the recommended dosage and if you see your dog’s overall condition improving while they are asking for more, you may gradually increase the daily amount.

Lastly, as one of the best salmon oils for dogs it’s worthy to note that Zesty Paws is a proud member of the National Animal Supplement Council that is a non-profit organization working towards improving and regulating the various food supplements for animals.

This concern has been tested positive for the strict independent quality control audit for animal food products. This unequivocally establishes the fact that you can trust their products.

To treat your dog topically, you may want to consider using a shampoo specially formulated for itchy skin.

What we like

  • Soft chewable loaded with healthy fats
  • Contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E for fast absorption of nutrients
  • Offers extra support for skin and gut health

What we do not like

  • May cause allergic reactions to some dogs

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Grizzly Pet Products Foods & Supplement for Dogs & Cats

Grizzly Salmon Plus Omega Fatty Acids Supplement for Dogs & Cats, 32 Fl Oz - Wild-Sourced Salmon Oil for Dogs, Omega 3-6-9

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Grizzly Pet Products are proud producers of animal supplements and they are constantly striving to support canine and feline health. With the innovative and highly nutritious supplements, you can say that your search for the best salmon oils for dogs may end here.

It’s a well-understood fact that some of the best Omega-3 fatty acids come from wild Alaskan salmon. And like all other best salmon oils for dogs, this one is also sourced sustainably and helps in supporting the overall health and development of your dog.

As a dog parent, it must have crossed your mind what makes the wild Alaskan salmon fish so special. Well, they are infused by nature with vitamins and antioxidants which are not found in farm-raised fishes.

They contain 40 percent extra Omega-3 fatty acid contents which imply that your pup will receive 40 percent more benefits than a regular diet.

As another one of the best salmon oil for dogs, this product is great for promoting a healthy body and lustrous fur while keeping up the healthy functions of vital organs.

If your pooch is suffering from issues pertaining to the hip or joint, inflammatory diseases, or seasonal allergies, then the Grizzly Pet Salmon fish oil may be the right choice for them.

When it comes to administering the oil, all you have to do is to serve it over their regular food. The bottle has a sealed, medical-grade pumping system so that you can release the precise quantity for each serving.

What we like:

  • Supports the functioning of the central nervous system
  • Improves respiratory health and makes the pup more active
  • Eases discomfort and joint ache

What we do not like:

  • The price is slightly on a higher side
  • Not suitable for serving lesser than the suggested amount

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Zesty Paws Fish Oil Omega 3 for Dogs

Zesty Paws Omega 3 Alaskan Fish Oil Chew Treats for Dogs - with AlaskOmega for EPA & DHA Fatty Acids - Itch Free Skin - Hip & Joint Support + Skin & Coat Chicken Flavor (90 Soft Chews)

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The last on our list of the the best salmon oil for dogs, is once again from the house of Zesty Paws. However, this one comes in the form of a tasty chew.

With loads of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, these soft chewy supplements shield your four-legged baby from free radicals. Suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes, these chewable supplements contains DHAgold which is a DHA derived from an algae source.

Moreover, these chews contain Omega-3 fatty acids that promote joint and cardiac health along with protection from skin diseases.

The other significant ingredients of one of the best salmon oils for dogs include wild Alaskan salmon fish oil, Vitamin B7, and a host of antioxidants and vitamin blends. Together, these ingredients protect your dog’s health from oxidative stress, dryness of the skin and improve immune function.

Many dogs have a problem of overproducing sebum and this can make them smell bad. Additionally, this overproduction of sebum can cause itchiness and other skin infections.

All these health issues are significantly reduced with the regular administering of Zesty Paws Fish Oil Omega-3 which is one of the best salmon oils for dogs. With regular usage, your pooch is probably going to have a very soft and shiny coat as well as having a sweeter smell.

What we like:

  • Supports your pet’s skin health
  • Has a great taste for an enjoyable meal
  • Contains DHA & EPA fatty acids for keeping moisture content intact

What we do not like:

  • Contains pea flour which is currently being investigated by the FDA for causing enlarged hearts in dogs.

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Can I Give Human Salmon Oil to Dogs?

Just as salmon oil brings a host of health benefits for humans, it can do a lot of good for our furry friends as well. Most of the best salmon oils for dogs contain ethyl ester, triglycerides, and other fish oil supplements. They come in a variety of forms like oils, chewable and soft jelly.

While some forms may contain more concentrated levels of salmon oils than others, all of them are equally safe for dogs. You must understand that the recommended dosage for humans and canines is different.

So, you should talk to your vet to know about the recommended dosage so that your fur baby can make the most of these health supplements.

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Is Too Much Salmon Oil Bad for Dogs?

As it goes with most things in life, too much of even the best salmon oils for dogs will bring about a negative impact on their health. As these supplements contain EPA and DHA in copious amounts, their anti-inflammatory effect boosts the creation of certain natural chemicals. These chemicals can alter the function of platelets which is the body’s defense mechanism against blood loss.

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When you feed too much of salmon oils to your dog, they become susceptible to blood loss when they are injured. This is definitely a crucial concern if your dog is afflicted by a condition that would require surgery.

With increased intake of salmon oils, the healing process is also intervened and the process of skin-repairing is also significantly reduced. Thus, experts always advise that you should always see a vet to know about the recommended dosage for your pooch.

Does Salmon Oil Help with Dog Shedding?

The best salmon oils for dogs contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which can improve a dog’s skin and coat. Moreover, most dogs love the taste and flavor of these supplements and they consume them without a fuss. These are also beneficial got reducing canine allergies along with a broad range of allergic reactions.

Veterinarians always recommend premium quality and best salmon oils for dogs for reducing excessive shedding caused due to skin allergy. Over time, the coat becomes healthier and shinier as well as resistant to shedding.

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The Bottom Line on the Best Salmon Oils for Dogs

Fish oil is probably the most commonly used supplement used for both cats and dogs. And this is not just for adding a new flavor to their diet or shiny furry coats.

A growing number of research confirms that the best salmon oils for dogs bring an anti-inflammatory effect. This, in turn, can keep various diseases and abnormalities at bay.

So, if you have been contemplating which would be the most effective, our guide is sure to help.

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