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A Review Of The Top 5 Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween is right around the corner, and that means two words every dog lover can’t wait to hear: doggy costumes! If you don’t really need an excuse to dress up your dog, here are five of the best Halloween costumes for dogs that you’re sure to love.

There is something for all shapes and sizes that is sure to suit almost any puppy parent’s taste. The best Halloween costumes for dogs range from fun choices like doggy Wonder Woman to a UPS driver, or an adorable Ewok—costumes that are sure to start a conversation. anywhere your doggy goes.

So, be sure to read on for five of the best Halloween costumes for dogs that you can find online! From a comic book hero to a Star Wars star—your dog is sure to look out of this world in whatever they wear!

And be sure to stick around afterwards, as we will answer some of your most important questions when it comes to properly sizing and training your dog so that they love their new dog costume!

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NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume for Dogs

NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume for Dogs Clothes Knight Style with Doll and Hat for Halloween Day Pet Costume (S)

 in stock
as of 5:55 pm

Giddy up cowboy! Your pup is sure to round up the smiles in this adorable cowboy-themed costume—with a twist—your dog is the bucking bronco and the cowboy is strapped to their back!

The costume comes in four sizes, small to extra large, and the cowboy even comes with his own movable hat and bandana! This costume is one of the best Halloween costumes for dogs for sure, not just for Halloween, but other seasons as well!

What we like:

• As with any of the best Halloween costumes for dogs, this cowboy getup is sure to have everyone laughing as your pooch makes the rounds at your next party.

• Many dog parents say that even their costume adverse pups like wearing this cowboy costume. This is because it doesn’t restrict their movement as much as some other costumes.

• A snug fit, the cowboy often bucks around along with your pup as your pup roams around the house.

What we do not like:

• Make sure you get smaller dogs the proper size, as the cowboy can topple over tiny pups!

• As with any of the best Halloween costumes for dogs, making sure they are secure while out on a walk is important, as velcro can be hard to keep stuck together.

• Some customers claim that fitting their puppy can be hard, so smaller breeds should tend to order a size down.

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Wonder Woman Costume for Dogs

DC Comics Pet Costume, Medium, Wonder Woman

$23.10  in stock
16 new from $17.49
Free shipping
as of 5:55 pm

You don’t need to be wrapped in a golden lasso to know the truth, this Wonder Woman costume is definitely one of the best Halloween costumes for dogs, for sure! Wonder Woman, the classic DC comic book character comes to life, and the best part is, its your very own pup! Who can’t smile and grin when your pup runs around in this shiny stunner.

And this costume isn’t just one of the best Halloween costumes for dogs, it is also a great costume for Comic Con or taking your pooch to the next Wonder Woman movie in the park! Who doesn’t want to see their own pup running around as everyone’s favorite caped crusader!

What we like:

• Stylish and fun, your dog is sure to stun in this instantly recognizable red, white, and blue ensemble, with classic white stars and a blue skirt and belt with the Wonder Woman emblem.

• One of the best Halloween costumes for dogs as voted on by the users of Chewy. com

• This product is officially licensed, so you know you’re getting a quality Wonder Woman costume that your pup is sure to love.

What we do not like:

• With only two available sizes, small and large, it may be hard for some dogs to find the right fit.

• As with some of the other best Halloween costumes for dogs that are secured via velcro, making sure it doesn’t come undone can be easier said than done.

• To ensure a proper fit, make sure to take measurements from the tail to the neck, and just under the front shoulders, around your dog’s chest. (DON’T TAKE MEASUREMENTS AROUND THE NECK AS THIS WILL LEAD TO AN INACCURATE MEASUREMENT!)

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TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane

TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane - Realistic & Funny Lion Mane for Dogs - Complementary Lion Mane for Dog Costumes - Lion Wig for Medium to Large Sized Dogs Lion Mane Wig for Dogs

 in stock
as of 5:55 pm

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A little Lion King anyone? Your dog will be the fiercest thing around in this fun lion costume! Just like all of the best Halloween costumes we have listed, this one comes highly recommended, with many reviewers mentioning the number of compliments and pets their pup received while wearing it.

What we like:

• With over 5,000 ratings on Amazon, and a 4.3 rating, this is one of the best Halloween costumes for dogs that you can find online.

• This costume is easy to clean, just spot clean as needed!

• The mane is super realistic looking, you will half be expecting to hear your dog give a mighty roar when they are wearing it.

• With proof from the video above, it can be used outside of Halloween. *wink*

What we do not like:

• As with any of the best Halloween costumes for dogs, this one fits best if dog owners take the time to carefully measure their furry friend.

This costume only fits medium to large sized dogs so it keeps little dogs from becoming lions. We hate for anything not to reach it’s full potential.

• Larger breeds may have a hard time fitting the lion tail their own, as it may be too snug around a larger dog’s tail.

• Some users have complained that the mane loosens over prolonged use.

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UPS Delivery Driver Dog Costume

California Costume Collections Pet Ups Pal Dog Costume, Brown, Medium

 in stock
18 new from $15.55
1 used from $5.26
as of 5:55 pm

Special delivery! This costume definitely delivers as one of the best Halloween costumes for dogs, and everyone will laugh when they see your dog in the trademark garb of brown and yellow—all dressed up as a UPS driver! The best part is the little package that your furry partner will carry with them any time their dog walks in the room.

What we like:

• This costume is sure to please, with its quirky sense of humor, your dog will look great for photoshoots or Instagram.

• Comes in four sizes, so your dog is sure to look good—with a proper fit easy with the right measurement.

• As with any of the best Halloween costumes for dogs, this costume is sure to be comfortable for your doggo to wear, with its easy-to-maintain polyester construction.

What we do not like:

• As we’ve mentioned with some of the other best Halloween costumes for dogs, making sure that this costume fits is of the utmost importance, as an ill-fitting costume will fall off or look silly.

• The box is detachable, which means that the box can fall off, but also means it can be detached if it gets in the way.

• Some dog owners have said that this costume is oversized and that you should order a size down from what the size chart says.

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Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume

Rubie's Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume, Small

 in stock
7 new from $17.73
as of 5:55 pm

The “furr-ce” is with any doggy that slips into this adorable little Ewok costume. 80s kids will say that this is the best Halloween costume for dogs, for sure—and totally rad, dude! Who could disagree with such a judgment when your pup trots around in this adorable Star Wars-themed costume.

And like many of the best Halloween costumes for dogs, this one isn’t just for Halloween—movie night, premiers, or just walking around town, this costume is sure to invite smiles and giggles!

What we like:

• This costume comes in four different sizes (Small to X-Large), which makes finding the right size for your pup as easy as grabbing a tape measure and taking a few measurements, you’ll be done as quickly as 1-2-3!

• One of the best Halloween costumes for dogs that you can find on Amazon, with 59% of dog owners giving it five stars!

• This Ewok costume is officially licensed, so dog parents can have peace of mind that they have a quality piece of clothing for their pup.

What we do not like:

• Some dog owners have complained that the ears do not stay rigid, giving their puppy Ewok’s ears a lopsided appearance.

• If your pup is a handful, it can be good to know that getting all four feet in the costume can be a challenge. It may take two puppy parents to wrangle particularly cunning escape artists.

• Many reviewers have claimed that this costume runs small, so consider ordering up a size if your dog is in-between sizes.

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How do I know what size best Halloween costume for dogs to get?

Every dog parent has ordered something for their pooch only to find they’ve inadvertently bought something the wrong size. Whether too big or too small, getting the proper fit is essential.

Since each manufacturer has different sizing requirements, and different ways to measure for each costume, be sure to check the size charts for every costume that help determine what size you need.

Make sure to take measurements in the correct area for the particular costume. If worried that it may be too snug a fit, slip two fingers under the tape measure when getting the dimensions for your pup’s costume.

For more help measuring any of the best Halloween costumes for dogs, use this example handy sizing chart. But again, please refer to each costumes sizing requirements.

Rubie's Pet sizing chart
Photo: Rubie’s Pet shop boutique
AKC Measuring chart neck where the collar sits, chest circumference largest part of chest, topline/back from between shoulder blades to base of spine just before tail
AKC Measuring Chart

Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs: How do I train my dog to wear a costume?

Training your dog to wear its costume may take some patience, especially if your dog doesn’t like to wear clothing. But luckily, all of the best Halloween costumes for dogs are very lightweight, and many dog owners claim that even fussy dogs like wearing them.

To train your dog to wear any of the best Halloween costumes for dogs, the following steps can be helpful:

Don’t force it! If your dog isn’t into wearing their costume, don’t force them into it! This can be traumatizing, especially for little pups.

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Many dogs won’t like the constricting feeling of a costume that wraps all around them at first. To get your dog comfortable wearing a costume, start small. Something that wraps around the neck, where their collar usually rides, this can be an easy way to ease your dog into wearing excess clothing.

Keep costume time short at first. If your dog isn’t into wearing its costume, start with just a minute at a time. And give it lots of positive attention when it wears its costume—this way your pup will know that wearing their costume is a good thing and can lead to rewards!

Reward your pup when they wear their costume. Little treats such as a favorite kibble can be good to start. If your dog is especially reticent, try a higher value reward such as chicken or slices of hot dog.

Some dogs may not like wearing costumes, for those dogs, we would recommend a small bandana or a more interactive costume (such as the cowboy option listed above) as good options.

Make sure to take the correct measurement, as an ill-fitting costume can make a skittish dog even more reluctant to wear a costume. Follow all sizing guidelines that are listed for the specific one you are looking for, and consider ordering a size up or down as needed.

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The Bottom Line: The Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs!

And there you have it! Five of the best Halloween costumes for dogs that you can find online today! There is something for everyone, from dogs that love comic books to those that want to be a part of Star Wars—whatever you choose, your dog is sure to look out of this world! All of the above come highly recommended and have been bought by many happy puppy parents, so you don’t have to take our word for it!

We hope you enjoyed reading more about the best Halloween costumes for dogs, and that you learned something new along the way. As always, thanks for reading!

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